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Painting a steep roof

I have a two story home that is 100 years old. I have pressure washed and painted the entire exterior of the home but the roof is just too steep. It is covered with 100 year old tin shingles and I just cannot bring myself to try it. It is much too high.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Re: Painting a steep roof

First a warning: if you are uncomfortable walking on steep roofs, don't attempt to do what you want to do, hire someone. To be able to work on a steep roof you also need special equipment.

There is some prep work required, such as cleaning, sanding and priming and you will need to get to every corner of the roof. Don't risk it, consider hiring a pro.

Re: Painting a steep roof

I cannot imagine working on a steep and "slippery" roof. I have asphalt shingles and found this worked for me -- I built a platform and attached legs to the downside of it. The legs made the platform level. Where the angle was not too steep (much less than 45 degrees) I found the platform did not slip with the legs alone. One edge of the platform rested on the roof and the downside set of legs rested on the roof. I could stand on it -- sit a ladder atop it -- and even setup scaffolding atop it. Now all that said -- I poked, prodded, wiggled and spent a LOT of time getting comfortable with the idea. In the end, for the low angle roof it worked.

I did have one section of 12/12 (45 degree) roof. That was a bear. I used the same platform w/ legs approach, but also had to setup scaffolding on the ground below and then extend arms from the scaffolding to the platform to keep it from sliding down. That was way more precarious.

I was painting siding. I cannot imagine painting a steep slippery roof if the roof was any measurable distance above ground level.

Re: Painting a steep roof

you need ridge hooks attached to the top of lightweight aluminum ladders that is the only way to do it safely. you will need two of them so you can stand on one and reposition the other. if you aren't comfortable you should not do it though it is very dangerous. one misstep on wet paint and you are in trouble.

Re: Painting a steep roof

if I were you I'd prefer not to risk. It'd be better if this is made by someone else who spe******es in this.

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