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painting steel siding

need advice on how to paint steel siding. my current paint is coming off, snd need to know what steps i needmto take

Re: painting steel siding

Is it steel or aluminum?

Re: painting steel siding

it is steel sididng

Re: painting steel siding

Is the factory finish coming off to bare metal, or a subsequent paint job you put on?

Quality 100% acrylic paint normally sticks well to either factory painted steel or aluminum siding which has somewhat oxidized (i.e. no longer super slick like the new factory paint) and has been cleaned of dirt and excess oxidation. If oxidation comes off on your hand when you wipe it over the surface, you should vigorously wash it with a pressure washer.

If it is your paint job which is peeling, you should give it a really vigorous power washing in an effort to get that paint which is loose to let go. Remember, your next paint job is only as good as the adhesion of the paint you are going over.

If it is peeling to bare metal, you will need to either scuff the surface or the metal with abrasives or etch it with acid. There are also self-etching primers on the market. Contact a good commercial paint store for advice as to materials.

Re: painting steel siding

you should p/wash to remove all loose paint and grime don't use any cleaner with ammonia then get a direct to metal paint (dtm) b/moore or s/williams these have a self primer and/or epoxy in them for added durability like what they put on in the factory

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