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painting rock siding

My house has rock siding. I would like to maybe white wash it to brighten it up a little. Could someone please tell me how to do this.

Re: painting rock siding

Do yourself and future owners a favor Power Wash DON'T PAINT.

Some one painted the rock surround in my Kitchen and the floor to ceiling fireplace including the rough hewn mantle.

I'm going to have to pay $1k to have the instert and kitchen counter + cook top removed so that the rock can be sandblasted since paint remover won't get it clean.

Re: painting rock siding
jamesmoulder wrote:

My house has rock siding. I would like to maybe white wash it to brighten it up a little. Could someone please tell me how to do this.

I am totally with debby. I can understand though your desire because most stones used for this are usually of a darker color. what I would look at is painting all window trim fascia and any other trim a bright white. look for other ways to brighten it up, such as quite often in these circumstances the landscape is over grown and needs to be thinned out, this alone can brighten an area. but painting the stone would be something that you would probally regret especially if you go to sell it, some people look for that type of home and if you painted it, it would certainly hurt that market

Re: painting rock siding

Don't paint the stone! Traditionally lime wash was used to coat masonry buildings. Lime wash gives your building a luminosity and whiteness beyond compare. Lime wash also protects the stone from environmental damage. There is a specific technique to applying the wash. Be sure the lime putty you make it from has 30 square meters per gram surface area (or better) for proper reactivity. If it comes in a bag don't use it. That being said I would suggest not coating the stone unless there is a real good reason to wash it. Here is a link to a short video that may be of interest for information or training. http://www.howardhallfarm.com/

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Re: painting rock siding

In regards to painting exterior stone, I have an entire wall of stone on the front of my structure. I have attached two pictures. I wanted to paint or change the color from black to something lighter. Any recommendations? I think the way it looks now is horrible!! Thanks for the help, in advance.

Re: painting rock siding

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but personally, I would not consider painting your rock. I would try softening the stark contrast between your rock and the trim. White is far too strong a contrast. I would try a soft gray, not a cold blue gray, but one softened with yellow oxide added. To this I would add strong color in the trim, possibly a maroon or dark green.
That long austere rock wall in your picture could be broken up with a trellis and climbing roses or other colorful blooming vines. Other colorful foundation plantings would also soften the wall.
One thing for sure, a painted masonry/rock wall will become a recurring maintenance item.

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