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Painting plastic bathroom tiles

As a temporary fix, I am thinking of rehabbing our bathroom which includes Miraplas green tile on the walls and in the tub surround. Can these tiles be painted? And how would I go about doing it?

Re: Painting plastic bathroom tiles

Painter Gal,

Yes you can paint plastic tile. The important step is to use a good primer. I would prefer either Gripper by Glidden, a water based primer, or Bin sealer, an alcohol based shellac primer. Both have very good adhesion. However, if this is a shower surround rather then merely a bath surround, I wouldn't paint it with a latex finish coat. Latex does not do well in a hot, wet environment. Oil enamel would be better in such an environment or, better an epoxy type coating.

Personally, if a re-model is in the future, I would save my time and money and save for the re-model. Painted tile usually looks like painted tile, oddly enough.

Re: Painting plastic bathroom tiles

Thanks, Ordjen. We've been in this house for almost 2 years now, and I'm getting tired of waiting for the 'big' redo. So I just decided to jump in and plan a temporary fix.
My plan this week is to remove the old vinyl flooring and put down some peel 'n stick tiles I have left over from my kitchen remodel.
Also planning to paint the vanity. I was hoping to paint the tiles on the wall, just to remove the color green.
I really don't mind the time and effort in doing it. If it works for a while, great. If it starts to look bad, well... that's just more incentive for my hubby to start the actual renovation! :)

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