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Painting original 1928 glazed tile

I recently purchased a 1928 bungalow that still has the original glazed tile on the walls in the kitchen (and bath). We are planning to remodel the kitchen, and the tile is showing its age (not to mention we're not wild about the color). We would like to keep the tile for the vintage factor, but more importantly, we're concerned that trying to remove it would just create a giant mess.

Is there a good way to paint the tile or re-glaze it? Should I involve a professional? If so, what kind of tradesperson should I look for?

Re: Painting original 1928 glazed tile

Tile re surfacing with an epoxy coating is best left to professionals. Normally this is done to cast iron tubs and the surrounding tiles. If you elect to go this route, interview a number of Pro's Pick the one who will take a few days AND protect your HVAC system. The last thing you want is epoxy paint coating the inside of your HVAC system.

Re: Painting original 1928 glazed tile

If you plan to paint the tile with conventional paint, the important thing is to get a good bond to the slick tile. Zinsser's BIN pigment shellac gives incredible adhesion as a primer. A quality oil of acrylic paint can then be applied over it. Spraying would give the smoothest, most tile like appearance.

Re: Painting original 1928 glazed tile

re: ...oil or acrylic...

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