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Painting oak grained cabinets

Hello there , this is my first time here. I am planning on painting my kitchen cabinets. I have done this before but the thing is they were smooth surfaced. Now I'm dealing with a surface that has the grain .I'm afraid that, well it's actually the wife, who's concerned that the texture of the wood grain is going to be visible. So I'm thinking that I just need to find a good thick paint and that should do the job. So can anybody give me any advice on this. I'd really appreciate any advice whatsoever, I do not want to be listening to you know who for the next few years or forever . Thanks alot , John

Re: Painting oak grained cabinets


I'm afraid you will never be able to cover up that deep oak graining. You can lessen it some by building up a couple coats of oil enamel undercoating with a thorough sanding between coats. I like the oil undercoater in this situation because it is heavy build and easily sandable.

Of course, the undercoating should be preceded by a good cleaning and scuff sanding to help assure good adhesion of the primer to the varnished surface. Liquid deglossers are also good. However, be advised that the adhesion to a varnished surface is never the same as adhesion to virgin wood. Be sure to save a small jar of touch-up paint.

If you have spray equipment, use it. A brush job will never achieve the quality finish that spray equipment will give, especially if you use an acrylic paint for the finish coat. I personally like oil finishes, but their one downside is that they yellow with age. If you are using a pure white color, acrylic will definitely holds that white color longer.

Rather than trying to completely hide the oat graining, you might consider painting the cabinets and then using a wiped glaze finish over them. The glazing gets trapped in the corners of the panels and in the graining , giving an interesting antiqued look. If you try this technique, definitely use an oil based glaze as it gives much more working time and is therefore much easier to wipe. A slightly creamy off white base coat with a darker umber glaze looks good.

Re: Painting oak grained cabinets

Here is a sample cabinet door painted with 100% acrylic white paint. This cabinet door has 1 coat of primer and 1 coat of finish. The photo was taken while the paint was wet. There are more photos on my blog.

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