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Painting New Drywall

I have added a new breakfast room off of my kitchen which has new drywall and mud. I want to begin the process of painting the walls, but have noticed that the drywall is covered in fine dust from sanding the new mud spots. Is it ok to wash the drywall down with a damp rag, or should I be using a dry tack (spelling?) cloth to pick up most of the dust. I want to make sure the walls are clean before beginning the priming process.

A. Spruce
Re: Painting New Drywall

Use your hand or a dry rag, even a fox tail broom and just dust the wall clean. You could use a vacuum if you want to minimize dust elsewhere in the house. A wet rag will gum up too quickly, and if it's too wet it will moisten and pull the finished wall, causing streaks. You only need to worry about the big chunks, a slight amount of dust isn't going to hurt anything.

Re: Painting New Drywall

I just finished working on a room with the same thing you are seeing. Take a vacuum cleaner and put the largest floor tool on the wand and vacuum the entire wall. Be sure to get the corners of the room very good beause this seems to be where most of the dust settles. After vacuuming then take a large bucket of water and a damp towel that is wrung out very well and go over the entire area. Rinse the rag frequently. Wipe down the walls twice and let dry for a few hours. Then you are ready to paint.

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