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Re: Painting MDF base moulding


FWIW, For most of my 35 years as a painting contractor, I was a user of Benjamin Moore products. Like most national manufacturers, Moore made some very good products and some very bad products. Moore's oil based Satin Impervo was excellent. Moore's Aqua-Glo latex semi-gloss was horrible!

Further, most national manufacturers deliberately make multiple levels of quality to try to satisfy all markets - contractor's crud to excellent, and pricey top quality. However, it is a mistake to think that price alone brings quality. Some very expensive paints rate really poorly when tested by the national testing firms.

In any event, to go by one bad experience a dozen years ago seems a little narrow minded. There have been amazing changes in the paint industry in the past dozen years. To assume any paint is the same as it was a dozen years ago is being short sighted.

Re: Painting MDF base moulding

You make a good point. My painting projects were always limited to my own non professional personal needs. I even subscribe to Consumer Reports which has had several paint studies over the years that indicate BM is not always high on the list of best paints. It is just one of those stubborn things that is hard to get over, that and the fact I do not have to guess at the quality I'll get by using a product that has not let me down in the past.

So, short sighted probably, more expensive for sure, better peace of mind assuredly.


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