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painting louvered doors

We've done this before, but always had a problem with dripping or running paint. Is there a simple method of painting these doors without all the running paint?

Re: painting louvered doors
Re: painting louvered doors

If you are going to use a brush, don't overload it. Be careful about dragging the brush across the edges of the louvers. I find that most of the runs occur on the back side of where I am painting because of dragging the brush across the edge. Check the other side often and smooth out runs while they are wet.

Re: painting louvered doors

Well said DB.

Re: painting louvered doors
asc2078 wrote:

I have two of these and they work great for such projects. Don't let the cheap price cause you any doubt. They work just as good as the expensive ones that I have used.


Be sure to follow the instructions in the box.

I hope this is helpful.


My experience with these hand held sprayers is quite the opposite. To get them to spray properly, you have to thin the material to the point that the integrity of the paint is compromised. Also, if you are not thorough in cleaning them out after use, forget about getting them to work at all. Don't forget the ear plugs to muffle the obnoxious vibrating, buzzing noise!
I have sold many of these units and have many more negative feedbacks than positive. Many are returned for refund.
Spray equipment is one area where quality and price does make a difference. You get what you pay for!

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