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painting latex on oil painted furniture?

I have 4 pieces of furniture that was painted with oil paint about 25 years ago. The furniture probably has about 3-4 layers of old paint on it. I have asked for advice on how to repaint this furniture from several sources and have received different information.

Advice from first source: Strip the furniture with quick acting paint stripper, apply bare wood primer, and then paint with latex paint.

Advice from second source: Lightly sand down the furniture, apply oil to latex primer, and then paint with latex paint.

Which is the best way to do this, considering the time it will take?
Is there a certain primer that works best to cover oil paint with latex paint?

Re: painting latex on oil painted furniture?


I am not a big fan of latex paint on furniture. In general, latex paint does not level itself, leaving heavy brush marks. It does not dry hard, leaving a gummy film of paint which is accentuated when it is humid out. Heavy items placed on latex paint will tend to stick to the surface.

If you insist on latex, I would first prime the oil paint with an acrylic primer such as Behr's #75 Enamel Undercoater or Glidden's Gripper followed by a 100% acrylic top coat. Latex paints don't like to stick directly to slick oil paints.

The optimum finish would be obtained by first stripping the furniture, followed by an oil enamel undercoated and an oil top coat. Spraying the finish would be better still, but I yield to the real world of the average homeowner.

If you don't want to spend the effort to strip the furniture, give it a good sanding followed by an oil enamel undercoater and an oil finish coat.

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