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Painting laminated countertops?

Any one have any tips on painting my old laminated countertops in my kitchen? Remodeling an old house and trying to save money for the "big" jobs. The countertops are in great shape, just a 1960 sunshine yellow color:). Would love to be able to do this without tearing out these tops and spending alot of money on new countertops. Thanks for any info..

Re: Painting laminated countertops?


There are specialty paints out there designed to paint laminate. Rust-O-Leum makes a version which sells for about $20 that supposedly will cover about 25 linier feet of counter. It is VERY smelly, as it contains xylene. How good it is I don't know.

Personally, if you have decent handworking skills, I would look into going right over the existing laminate with new laminate. It only requires a good router and laminate trimmer bit and a few minor hand tools- maybe $100. The existing counters are roughened up with sandpaper and then contact cement is used to glue right over them. The laminate itself is quite reasonable, less than $2 a square foot for many patterns. There are many articles on how to do this. Just Google it.

Re: Painting laminated countertops?

I wouldn't paint laminate counter tops personally. I'de find other solutions. A quick note about Xylene. Not only is it smelly, it requires good ventilation. You will feel light headed or high after prolonged exposure.

Re: Painting laminated countertops?

I'm doubtful also about paining countertops. It won't likely hold up to use very long. Could they be tiled instead?

Re: Painting laminated countertops?

Agree with ordjen. I have gone over the top of formica a couple of times, both successfully. I wouldn't try paining it.

Re: Painting laminated countertops?

leave this job to a pro. we resurface counter tops all the time. our product looks like granite and we have 20 colors to choose from. If you are in mass we can do it for you. www.resurfacespecialist.com

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