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Marianne Johnson
Painting Kitchen Cabinets

We have exposed hinges on the kitchen cabinets. Do we leave them in place and paint over them or get new hinges? If we buy new hinges, do we need to fill in the screw holes to make sure the hinges hold tight? Thanks for input!

Re: Painting Kitchen Cabinets

I would recommend taking the hinges off of the cabinets and off of the cabinet doors for a better looking paint job. The problem with painting the hinges is that the first time you open the cabinet doors some of the paint will chip off of the cabinets creating an eye sore. Whether to replace the hinges or not depends on whether you are going to replace the door pulls. If you replace the door pulls and the old hinges go with the new door pulls I would not replace them. If you have to replace the hinges I would try taking your old hinges with you to a store and see if you can match the screw holes from the old hinges with the screw holes of the new hinges this way you will not have to patch any holes. If you have to patch holes in the cabinets I would recommend auto body filler. Its the same stuff they repair auto dents with and it drys fast and is cheap and easy to use and it will also not crack or pop out during climate changes. My biggest recommendation to you is before you remove any of your cabinet drawers or doors be sure to mark each and every one of the to go back where they came off. This way if any drawer or door was custom made you will not go through the hassle of finding out some of them don't fit properly when reinstalling them.

Re: Painting Kitchen Cabinets

I want to take the hinges off the kitchen cabinets and remove layers of paint the easiest and fastest way, they have red and green paint I can see but they probably have layers under it. I am going to paint the cabinets White. How do I go about it. I cant afford to buy all new hardware.!!!!!:confused:

Re: Painting Kitchen Cabinets


If your hinges have no plastic parts, simply put them in a metal container and submerge them in a water soluble ( rinses with water) paint stripper. The paint will blister off and you can rinse the paint off in clean water. An old tooth brush might aid in getting the paint residue off and out of corners and edges.

If the accumulated paint is latex, try submerging in a HOT water and strong TSP solution as a stripper.

J Roper
Re: Painting Kitchen Cabinets

There is alot that goes into painting your cabinets. As far as the hinges are concerned, nothing looks more amatuer than painting over any hardware. You should consider if you want to invest in new hinges and pulls. They can really add to the cost but gives the whole kitchen an updated look. If you decide to replace the hinges you will want to fill over the imprint of the old hinges as well as the screw holes. There is a Bondo type product for wood that works really well. It come with a hardener that makes it set in about 10-15 minutes. Be sure to work it into the holes so the screw will tighten well.
A trick I learned with the holes is to make a wooden spike from a wooden kitchen match. Use a utility knife to cut off about 1/4 inch or so and sharpen the end into a point and push it into the hole. Cut off the excess flush with the cabinet and then use the filler over that. Sand the filler with 220 grit sand paper to smooth the edges.
When you take the doors off, be sure to mark the position of each one. If you scribe the number of the door into the area that the hinge will cover up you don't have to worry about painting over a pencil mark. To mark the opening for each door, mark the door number on a piece of tape and stick it to the shelf inside of the opening for it.
Be sure the paint you use is compatible with the existing paint. As far as prep. for painting, clean the surfaces well. Over the years, oil and food and stuff builds up around the knobs and door corners from daily use. A solvent like laquer thinner or liquid sandpaper works fast and some sanding might be needed. Prep. on cabinets is very important, You don't want to short-cut that and end up with chipping. It's hard to back up and make corrections later.
I guess it's shopping time. Once you price hinges (about $5 each and up for good ones ) and knobs ($5 and up) you'll know pretty quick how much you want to spend on the project.

Re: Painting Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to reuse the hardware but it's got layers of paint and gunk, just soak it in a crock pot with some dish detergent for 24 hours. An environmentally sound, non-toxic paint remover! I haven't tried it, just heard about it. If it doesn't work, your hardware should be no worse for the wear.

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