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Painting & furniture arrangement hall, lvng rms

Hi - We have a traditional Victorian house that we've been working on for a number of years and we're now at the point of trim, painting, decorating. I'm wondering about advice for the main hall entrance and the two living rooms or depending on how we decorate, the living and dining room, which both can be seen from the front hall as there are two open doorways (without doors) into them. Would you paint these both the same and also the same colour as the hall or different, perhaps a darker shade of the same and are there any good sources for furniture arrangement. The look we're going for is traditional and the hall floor is black and white checkerboard, two living rooms are wood floors with persian carpets, the first room with fireplace and bookshelves on either side built in and the kitchen, which we're planning to paint a distinctive burgundy or rust colour is open from the second room. The hall has to be painted right up to the second floor as the wall continues up the staires and same thing for up to the third floor, so it has to be something we can live with for awhile. We were thinking of an earthy tone to contrast the white which we'll paint the trim but perhaps a cream would be more subdued and focus the colour/impact stuff for the carpets and furnishings. Thanks for any insight as we're off furniture shopping soon! Oh, and by the way, if there are any good ideas as to what to do if we forgo the dining room option and just go with two side by side living rooms, how would we make them interact somehow through furniture placement or is it best to keep them separated in terms of conversation areas...

Re: Painting & furniture arrangement hall, lvng rms

Traditionally Victorian homes had a living room and a formal parlor which was only used for special guests or funerals. The formal parlor generally had an outside door to a half porch (often called a coffin porch) where the coffin was brought into the parlor.

Wall paper was the norm.

My decorator said you should only chose 4 colors when decorating a house, combining them and using different shades. Not sure if that will help, I depended on the decorator for picking paint colors and wall paper.

Re: Painting & furniture arrangement hall, lvng rms

Thanks - that's a very helpful tip about restricting paint to four colours. I'm hoping there won't be need for space to accomodate a coffin, but there does remain some chance this home renovation that's going on seven years now will actually kill us!

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