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Painting Formica

I have a large gray custom-made Formica-covered wall unit. If I can't find a way to get white paint to adhere to it, I'm going to throw it out!!! It's hideous! At the moment, it's hidden in the basement.
What can I do to get paint to adhere to the surface?
I'm a Senior Citizen, and will be doing the work myself.

Re: Painting Formica

Take a "chill pill" ? Must say I am a senior as well but feel free as a bird being not attached to a person like you asking this kind of question. Whew! thank god!

Re: Painting Formica

Try your local big-box or paint store for this -


Make sure the surface is cleaned well before application.

Re: Painting Formica

............ And don't forget to blow on it.

Re: Painting Formica


"BIN" shellac primer will adhere to laminate. Shellac is alcohol based. Glidden's "Gripper" acrylic primer will also adhere to laminate. Gripper is water based. Then top coat with the finish of your choice, either acrylic or oil based. Both primers are available at Home Depot.

Painting PVC

Hi Folks, I'm new to the forum. I've been searching around for an answer to the following: How do you get primer and paint to adhere to PVC? Specifically, I have replaced wooden exterior brickmold with PVC brickmold to eliminate annual repairs from Carpenter Bee damage. How is the PVC prepared to ensure long term paint adhesion?? I'm in an HOA and I can't have white trim which is all that the PVC brickmold comes in. I must paint it. Any suggestions?

Re: Painting Formica


A quality 100% acrylic paint will adhere directly to PVC. I would scuff sand the plastic to help assure good adhesion. Be aware that PVC becomes unstable at temperatures of about 130 degrees. For this reason, dark colors should be avoided whenever painting PVC as dark colors will absorb more of the sun's heat.

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