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Painting Formica

In the process of replacing counter tops and would like to use a section for workbench top. Can it be painted, what is proceedure? Need it to be somewhat durable. Thanks

Re: Painting Formica


The hooker is that you say it has to be somewhat "durable". You certainly can paint laminate. The problem is to get it to stick to the slick laminate surface, especially on a surface upon you will be working. It will always be vulnerable to scratching.

If you want to proceed, you should first thoroughly clean the surface to remove any dirt and oily grime. Secondly, scuff sand the entire surface well. I would probably use 120 or 150 grit sandpaper. There are several primers that will adhere well to laminate; XIM, Bin or Gripper by Glidden. They are respectively oil, shellac and water based products. Finally, select a durable top coat. I would lean toward an oil based paint because it will dry harder than the average latex based paint. Spraying of these products would give the best finish. XIM and Bin primers are also available in spray can form. You might consider using a spray can for the finish coat too.

Personally, for a workbench top, I wouldn't bother!

Re: Painting Formica

Personally, for a workbench top, I wouldn't bother!

I agree with ordjen

Re: Painting Formica

I agree I think painting the Formica counter top is just too much work and it will just get scratched anyway no matter how good a paint you get.
I will tell you what I did with my old counter top and maybe you might want to do something like it.
I have an old bedroom in our basement that I have converted into my office. In this old bedroom there was a large closet with sliding doors. I removed the doors and threw them out as they were in bad shape anyway. I then had an old counter top like you have and placed it in the closet. Since there is a bathroom in the next room I couldn't attach it to the wall. Instead I bought some plywood and made boxes out of them with one shelf each. Each box was screwed together with drywall screws and then covered over just lightly with wood patch. I then painted the boxes white and placed each one in each corner of the closet to hold the counter top up.
After that I put a phone line in and electrical plug and some track lighting. I can now use it as a computer station if I want to but mainly right now use it to put things on that I am working on at the time. It is still scratched and isn't anywhere near to a professional job but works fine for my purposes. Good luck in whatever you do with it!

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