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Re: Painting exterior stucco.


If you go back to an earlier post, I recommended you finish the stucco first. If that means a top coat - do that, before you paint.

Can you do a top coat on the entire house yourself? I don't believe so.

Why? It's a big job. You'll need to have scaffolds, a huge supply of stucco material on hand, you'll have to mix it and apply it so fast - it's a job for a crew. Then there is the expertise - getting an even coat better left for the pros. Your exterior finish tells a lot about your house, you don't want an amateur job.

Can you tint the stucco? yes, at the mixing process. You can add perlite at the mixing process, if you still like too. I wouldn't.

Remember, stucco has various finishes, ask your stucco crew about them.

Re: Painting exterior stucco.

And one more thing: I'll stay out of the paint debate, because I use Behr and I don't want Spruce to come to my house with his bulldozer. His Cadillac? maybe, if he brings a six pack. I'll supply the beer nuts.

Re: Painting exterior stucco.

Ok, you're funny too! I think you're both nuts.
The stucco I have is in great shape as it is now. It's probably better to just paint it at least one coat and see how I like the look first before I finish with the second coat and maybe a third. I will probably use Behr, sorry A. Spruce. I've used their products in the past and have been very pleased. Plus they are within a half mile of my house. Makes running to them a lot easier for stuff I forget to begin with. If all else fails I can hire someone to fix my mess! I'd rather save that money for a trip to Italy though.
Thank you all for your valuable input! I'll be back with other questions as the process continues!

Re: Painting exterior stucco.

My reason for not using an Elastomeric coating on a 100 year old house.
I am over 75 years old my self and work daily on nothing but Stucco Masonary & plaster.
If this house has not been painted and it was stated that the Stucco was in goog shape WHY the need to paint , I still say go with the Minerial coatings.
Check with any Historical society and see what they would say ?
Have ordjen check with his wife's country I bet they will also say stay away from Synthetic Coatings on old Structurals.
Check with Historic Scotland there counter part in the US is US Heritage Group.
You should ask the Coating Manufacture what happens if WATER does get behind the Elastomeric coating.
I have asked this question ,response was IT SHOULD NOT GET BEHIND IT.
Why will water not get behind it ?
While surface applications may keep water out they can also have the reverse effect of keeping water in by not allowing it to evaporate.
Paula when you save the money to go to Italy check on the products they use on old stocco buildings.
I make a very good living on repairing buildings that have had the wrong product used for repairs some take 20 to 30 an more years for failure to show up.
Keep up the good work it is good for My profit which is HIGH.

Re: Painting exterior stucco.

Ouch Clarence. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to step on your toes. I respect everything you have said and I am trying to understand your feelings. Unfortunately the stucco has been painted in the past. At least two times before I got it. The last coat was some sort of acrylic and it basically peeled off for the most part. 2/3 of the original coat came off with the power wash. However there is still a good bit attached up toward the eves. That is the reason I'm going to paint. I know the previous owner and he did things to get by... often. I've been trying to repair things properly, not half heartedly. That is the reason I'm doing so much research about the paint that I can before I do it. I will seriously consider what you've said before I pull out my wallet.
Thank you for your concern that I do an excellent job.

Re: Painting exterior stucco.

<- another quiet Behr user.

Re: Painting exterior stucco.

Paula don't worry about My toes I don't feel them anymore.
Think about why the existing acrylic is still attached under the eves.
Moisture moves down thus the existing coating fails at the lower point first.
Now do some research on how long the elastomeric have been used and there life spand.
Now check on how long the Minerial coatings have been used.
I have worked on structures dating 1701 with minor problems .
And buildings dating 1840 that had the improper materials applied with major problems ?
Stick with repair materials that are compatable with the existing Hiostorical fabric.

Re: Painting exterior stucco.
HoustonRemodeler wrote:

<- another quiet Behr user.

Thank you HoustonRemodeler.:


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