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Painting exterior of Home

Help Please!

I have painted my old house blue with white trim. My front door is a deep red. Should I paint the shutters Black? Is this too many colors? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks!:confused: The shutters and the front door are just not painted at all in the attached picture. We are going to be putting a tin roof on the house as well. One of the white pillars is not on the front too yet!

A. Spruce
Re: Painting exterior of Home

I personally would leave the shutters white, black would be a distraction.

Re: Painting exterior of Home

Is the door ok a dark red? I am worried it will look like a 4th of July house! I had thought about painting the door black and then putting black shutters or should I paint the shutters white with the trim white and leave the door the dark red?

A. Spruce
Re: Painting exterior of Home

Personally, black is too dark and harsh, particularly for a baby blue house with white trim. I believe the red will be fine for the door, though if you toned it down a little you could paint all the doors, including the garage which would make the whole place "pop". While one red door would look fine, it would get overpowering in a hurry if you did any more than that, however, the rest of the place is a little dull without some additional color.

I'd recommend picking up a couple of paint sample brochures that have three and four complimentary color choices matched together and see if you can match your existing colors with a third that would look good on all the doors.

Timothy Miller
Re: Painting exterior of Home

Hi paint them what ever color you want its your house. Be ware black more maintenance then white, have fun post picture when painted.

Re: Painting exterior of Home

Very Good painting exterior of the home.I love the colors painted on the back of the house so he can take a look. I love the color red .is perhaps even more of a sweet red or even a different color, you may think that I could try? The Hi all looks very promising, and I am a conservative.

Nick M.
Re: Painting exterior of Home

I'm seeing too many colors honestly..blue, white, tan-brown (roof), and red? The red white & blue is very patriotic but not appealing on a house (imo).
What color are you thinking of for the new roof? The red for the door is ok but a little strong. Its common for the front door to stand out more and give a "focal point" but there are too many other distractions.

The white isnt working for me at all in the photos. The blue is a "in your face" type of color (if that makes any sense!). You dont want a bunch of "in your face" colors all mixed together or it looks like a 4 year old's crayola drawing ;) What about toning down the white trim colors to a more "earthtone" color? Matching the new roof & trim together would tie it all in together really nicely. Are you going to add shudders to all the windows? That would make the color choices change for them.

Not trying to sound harsh but I just went through the same decisions as you! I did my house a "more tan than yellow" mix, then thought white trim would look good. It didnt, it looked horrible, so I tried dark brown and it was worse. I ended up at a Home Depot paint selector machine & found a light greenish/brown mixture that really looks good on the house. Alone it looks really gross, we call it baby poop green, but it does look good on the house.

Best of luck to you! Enjoy your project & post some pics!

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