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Natalie Noel
Painting Drywall Repairs

My husband and I need assistance on the best method to prepare drywall patches for painting. We are finishing off our 3rd floor attic and the majority of the electrical in the attic had to be re-run to install joists. Because of this the electrician had to make numerous cuts in the walls on the 2nd floor to remove and reinstall the outlets and light switches which were impacted by re-routing the electrical.

The openings have been repaired with the new drywall and are now ready for taping, mudding and sanding. I am planning on using pre-packaged tubs of joint compound for the repairs.

We are concerned that with the number of holes we must paint that the repairs will stand out unless primed properly. Repainting each room seems inevitable but we don't want to end up seeing the repair due to differences in texture and/or paint absorption. All the walls are painted in an eggshell paint by Behr or Sherwin Williams and have been painted in the last 3 years.

So here are our questions:

-Is joint compound the best product to use?
-What type of primer should we use?
-Are there any other steps we can take to prevent the repaired areas from showing?

Thanks for the help!

A. Spruce
Re: Painting Drywall Repairs

The premixed joint compound and topping compound are the proper products to use when repairing drywall. You can either use paper or fiberglass tape, fiberglass is a self stick mesh, so it's a bit easier to use everywhere with the exception of corner work, which should be paper taped.

You only need to use joint compound for the first coat, after that use topping compound to fill out the joints, it's easier to sand. Before using ANYTHING, whip up the compound with a paint wand in a drill to cream and fluff the compound. You can also add just a touch of clean, clear water to make it a bit more workable if you like.

Prime your repair work with two coats of Zinnser 1 2 3 (blue label ) or comparable primer. Follow that by priming the entire wall with either one or preferably two coats. This will blend everything together the best, preventing the shadowing you are concerned about. Follow the primer with two coats of quality paint such as Sherwin Williams or Kelly Moore. Behr really is terrible stuff, I don't recommend it at all.

Natalie Noel
Re: Painting Drywall Repairs

Thanks so much!: :)

Re: Painting Drywall Repairs

"Behr is really terrible stuff. I don't recommend it at all". I have given up trying to teach old dogs new tricks :) Never mind the consistant excellent ratings by independent testing services such as Consumers Reports. The lastest rankings ranked Behr significantly higher than Sherwin Williams' Duration and Benjamin Moore's Aura at significantly less money!

A. Spruce
Re: Painting Drywall Repairs

Come on Ordjen, ya old dog! ;):D

I can only go from my own experience (20+ years in the trades ) and with what the pros around me are saying. Unfortunately, it's fairly unanimous that Behr is not all that great. I've heard that Sherwin has had some trouble with some products lately, so I'll give you that much.

Besides, if it weren't for this Behr thing of yours, what would I give you poop about? :p;):D:cool:

Timothy Miller
Re: Painting Drywall Repairs

Howdy, feathering the repairs out to fool the eye into thinking the surface is smooth by applying 3 to5 coats of mud. Trying to match texture is fun.... sometimes better to re texture the whole ceiling if match stands out. Another issue is matching knock down texture as primed verses un primed areas dry differently but with practice you will improve...

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