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Painting a concrete porch question...

I am painting a concrete porch to look like a tropical print area rug. I have done all my research about etch, prime, and am okay with that aspect. My question is: Once I have it all prepped and put down my base coat of concrete paint - can I use any paint for the area rug design? Since I am technically no longer painting on concrete (I would be painting on the base coat of paint) do I need to continue to use concrete paints? The color choices are very limited for the tropical design I have planned - can use any latex paint then polyurethane over the top?


Re: Painting a concrete porch question...

I would say that concrete paint would still be your best bet. Others aren't rated to the wear and tear of walking on it.

However, I've seen painted rugs do fine for a few years and your taste can change quickly.

Re: Painting a concrete porch question...

Is the concrete paint an acrylic or enamel?
If it's acrylic, I've had great results adding a dab of artist acrylics to perk up a color (I use a lot of 'oops' paints, and they are usually 'oops' for a reason!). Don't add too much, as you might weaken the paint chemically, but you can make a lot of change with just a little paint if you know how to mix your colors. Try it with a small amount of your paint, whatever you can afford to waste, because if you mess up your color mixing (by inadvertently mixing secondary colors), you just get something resembling mud.

Re: Painting a concrete porch question...

Hi acjpooh! I had a solid concrete, covered breezeway that had hideous outdoor wall to wall carpet on it. I do decorative painting and had great plans to paint on the concrete. I did everything right - preparation is key - used oil based enamel specifically for concrete - don't know what I could've done differently but the paint still came off. This breezeway is covered, one wall is the house, the other the garage, third wall is bricked half way up - only one side open to the elements so the only thing I could figure is maybe the water table under the concrete was high enough that the moisture came through the slab and forced the paint off? It didn't happen over night but it looked pretty sad within a few months. I ended up tiling it! Just thought I'd pass this on - hope yours is spectacular for a long time!!!

Re: Painting a concrete porch question...

Good topic. Concrete can be easily colored in the manner you ask. As long as it is porous, it will absorb some paint, even latex. After that, I have found that actual concrete stains work very well to create the additional patterns. YEes, your initial concrete paint is a suitable primer The colors are fairly vivid and will retain that as long(here is the kicker) as it is sealed properly. Even concrete paint does not do so well against abrasion. It can eventually come up. Sealing it will help micro breaks in the painted surface that eventually result in the failure. A professional grade sealer will best be found at a local decorative concrete supply house, not big box. If you strike out there, try the web. I get stains at contractor source. There are plenty of sealer choices there as well.
Remember concrete NEVER has to be boring!

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