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Painting Concrete Floor - previously carpeted

I am preparing to paint my breezeway floor. It is a 3 season room connecting my house to my garage and therefore gets a lot of traffic. The previous owners had it carpeted with indoor/outdoor carpet and obviously kept their dogs in there, so we ripped up the carpet right away.

The floor seems to have been painted at least one time before, and the carpet was glued down with a heavy duty adhesive which has left a texture on the floor. There are swirls where the carpet installer applied the glue. The glue is chipping a little bit and I would like to get rid of the texture, but I am concerned that the paint below could have lead in it.

So, my questions are... do I need to remove the glue to paint the floor? If so, how likely is it that the original paint has lead in it? (Our house is a 1930's cape cod in Morris County, New Jersey. We did find lead when our front door was replaced.) One possibility I considered... can I just sand the glue to get the texture out and paint over it?

Also, some time in the future, I would like to tile the breezeway, and therefore do not want to do anything that would make that project more difficult.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Painting Concrete Floor - previously carpeted

I would save time and money by tiling it right now, as tiling will require less cleanup.

But if you can't tile now, you will need to prepare the floor for paint, if you want a nice job. Remove the glue and the paint, as much as you can and know how to handle haz mat if any exists. Follow the paint manufacturer's instructions.

Re: Painting Concrete Floor - previously carpeted

If there are possibly lead containing products on that floor, the last thing you want to do is sand the surface and make it airborne. there are paint and mastic strippers available at your local homeowner's store. It will soften old paint and mastics to allow it to be scrapped up and placed in bags for disposal. You should be able to then prime and paint the concrete with a suitable acrylic or epoxy floor paint. If the concrete looks too smooth, you might want to use an acid etcher on it first.

For long term ease of maintenance, I would go with DJ1's idea of tiling the area. I would look for a bargain on porcelain tile. Porcelain is suitable for use on grade where freezing might occur. Porcelain tile is also very tough and the color is the porcelain clay itself. Should it chip, there is no underlying color showing, as by glazed tile. Dull finish porcelain is also not slippery when wet, as are glazed tiles or high gloss floor paints.

Re: Painting Concrete Floor - previously carpeted

Many thanks to both of you!

Just to clarify... if I do tile the area, I don't have to remove any of the glue or paint? Just tile right over it as is?

Re: Painting Concrete Floor - previously carpeted

Larger chuncks of glue should be removed. You don't want anything down there that can cause the tiles to be out of level.

When laying tiles, each tile has to be checked with a torpedo level and secured in place with spacers, before moving to the next tile.

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