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painting ceilings

need help info ?
painiing ceilings in my home ?
my Living Room has not been painted in over 10 years.
tryed to paint it 5 times.
2 coats of valspar paint no good still see old paint staines under that.
then went and got kilz primer sealer stainblocker 1 coat
then 2 more coats valspar no good ?
thats 5 coats of paint with no good results :(

can Lead Based Paint be Bleeding through 5 coats of paint.

Re: painting ceilings

No idea what your problem is, but lead paint doesn't bleed through. 10 or even 20 year old paint won't have lead in it anyway.
Not putting enough paint on or thinning it? Use a good quality roller with a decent nap. It seems like 5 coats should do it. I never used valspar, but if it has a coverage warrantee use it or use another brand.

A. Spruce
Re: painting ceilings

Lead is not the problem.

If you've got stains, you've got to completely seal them in or they will continue to bleed no matter how many layers of paint you put over them. I would recommend switching to a pigmented shellac, it will seal better than Kilz and IMHO it's easier to work with.

Apply at least two coats, more if the stains are particularly heavy. You may want to spot prime the bad areas several times before coating the entire ceiling twice to blend it all together. Once the primer is on and dry, you can apply your top coat.

Another tip: Once you've primed the spots and entire ceiling to your satisfaction, you may want to leave it for several weeks. If the stains are going to continue to bleed, they'll start reappearing and you can knock them back with the primer again. Repeat until you're satisfied you've stopped the bleeding, then follow up with two coats of your top coat paint.

Re: painting ceilings

With all that paint on the ceiling, you must be bumping your head on the new reduced headroom! :)

Seriously, water stains and nicotines stains are water soluable. Water based latex paints will just allow them to continue to bleed on through. Spruce is correct, Shellac based BIN sealer will stop them dead. Oil primer, being none water based, will also stop them.

There are now some water based primers on the market that claim to stop such stains, but these require that you wait at least 24 hours for the primer to cure before top coating. BIN or oil based Kilz dry within an hour and can then be recoated.

My guess is that you recoated within a short period of time. Had you waited the 24 hours between coats, that many coats would probably eventually have suppressed the stains.

Re: painting ceilings

I obviously haven't seen this ceiling, but 5 coats is ridiculous...sorry- it is what it is.

There's simply not enough paint going on....and/or terrible technique and tools.

>>> It's being pushed waaaayy too thin IMO.

Were there water stains on the ceiling, on nicotine from smokers??

If ceiling-paint was being used, on a primed surface, don't push a 1st-quality, properly-loaded 1/2"-napped cover more than 3'x3'...MAX.

We had a painter (whom I knew did flawless work...) do our cathedral ceiling. I would've done it, but an insurance claim was paying the bill! It was on a 13y/o popcorn ceiling (I don't mind popcorn...!)
I realized after just a couple sections painted that he knew what he was doing! Used C2 Ceiling-paint, L8150.
FLAWLESS....looks awesome. ONE coat.


Re: painting ceilings

its nicotine
my aunt told to me Shellac it as well.
ill give it a shot.

thanks all

Re: painting ceilings

I use "original Kiltz" - oil based, two coats. Then paint.
All stains are covered.

Re: painting ceilings

Zinser's oil based primer is excellent as well.

Re: painting ceilings

DJ1 & HR are right on those primers!

...I don't know how anyone can tolerate that Kilz-Original Oil tho....***. Potent smell there!
Zinsser's Odorless (well somewhat...!) Oil would be more tolerable!!


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