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Painting base trim

I am preparing to paint walls and trim. The base trim is partially covered by carpet, which I do not plan to replace. How am I able to completly paint the base trim without getting paint non the carpet as well as allowing time for the paint to dry? Short of pulling the carpet off of the tack strips, I am hoping someone has an alternate suggestion.

Re: Painting base trim

I have used sections of packing crate banding between the carpet and base. Making sure to pull the paint out so it does not pool between the base and banding and then use a razor knife to make a cut and pull the banding out after the paint drys.

josh the painter
Re: Painting base trim

sorry to say it may only be skill to keep the paint off the carpet.but her are some tips.
1 vacuum the hell out of the edge and place a wide strip of blue tape (2 inch ) as close as possible to the trim.
2 use a "shield" , place a spackle blade between the carpet and trim and pull back a piece at a time. keep the blade clean with a damp cloth between uses. I like to use a 12 inch taping knife, but some stores may have a longer homeowner tool specificaly for this job.
3 take your time. As long as you get a good first coat you may not need to paint so far down below the carpet line for a second.

Re: Painting base trim

I prefer to use common 2 inch masking tape to hold carpet back from the wall. Masking tape is much stickier and cheaper than blue tape. I actually took the time to double tape these areas as it made the removal of the tape much easier after the paint was dry.

The problem with merely holding the knap of the carpet back with a blade of some kind is that as soon as you remove the knife, the knap springs back into the paint where it becomes glued to it.

Re: Painting base trim

Pull back the carpet hairs and very carefully apply 2" masking tape with P12 masking along the perimeter of the room. Good luck!

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