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Painting around wall-to-wall carpet

need to paint the woodwork going up the stairs. How do you move or isolate rug so paint does not get on it?

A. Spruce
Re: Painting around wall-to-wall carpet

General areas, use a painters tarp, preferably with a little painters plastic under it. Plastic alone can be used, but it's a bit more unruly and slippery by itself. If you're concerned about where baseboards meet the carpet, you'll still use painters plastic or tarps on the floor, but up against the wall you use a paint shield or large drywall knife to hold the carpet out of the way while you paint. The key when doing baseboards is to use a relatively dry brush and don't put a lot of paint low on the baseboard where the carpet will stick to it. The portion that is above the carpet can get as much paint as you want.

Re: Painting around wall-to-wall carpet

I use the large drywall knife as previously suggested to hold back the carpet. As also suggested, just put a very light coat on. The carpet (depending on the height/thickness) will probably cover it most of the time anyways.

Re: Painting around wall-to-wall carpet


The problem with meerly holding the carpet back with a drywall knife or similar instrument is that as soon as you release the knife the carpet pops back into the fresh paint where it becomes glued to the baseboard. The next time you go to paint, you will be cursing having used this meathod.

I used plain 2 inch masking tape to hold back the carpet knapp. I would even go so far as to doubloe layer the tape so that it would hold better and be easier to remove after the paint had dried.

The problem is compounded on stairs in that your eye is much closer to the carpet and you can often see if the carpet is stuck to the stair stringer. It is time consuming , but worth the effort to tape up the stringer. Also, I would not use plastic drop cloths on stairs as it is far to slippery. I suggest you buy a couple dropcloth "runners". I would also suggest that you wash them first in your wash machine. They become much more limp and absorbant than when new. They will lie down and stay in place better on the stairs.

Re: Painting around wall-to-wall carpet

DEFINATELY use Ordjens advice here IMO...

Tape keeps the yarn away while paint is hardening off.

>>> It looks kinda cheesy when there's a few (or more!) yarns that are tacked-up to the paint!

* I wouldn't get the edges too wet with paint, but the painting itself will go faster with the yarn held out of the way.
* Yes...get a canvas-dropcloth!! There's usually runner-length sizes like 4' x 15'.
* I've had a room-size 12' x 15' canvas for 10 yrs. now!
* There's also a "shrink-wrap" carpet runner that stays down very well! I'd lean towards the canvas though...
* The prep-time taping carpet down will be well-worth it!


J Roper
Re: Painting around wall-to-wall carpet

I agree tapeing is a must. To hold down the carpet thickness with a sheet rock khife or a shield will result in the carpet popping back up after you move the knife or shield and it will stick to the fresh paint.
I'd suggest to use 2" blue tape and press it down as far as possible with a putty knife, holding down the carpet, and paint away. Start off about and inch or so from the bottom edge to prevent too much paint from accumulating near the tape. Spread the paint so the "bead" at the edge of the brush is almost gone as you reach the tape. Also, use a 2" - 2 1/2" sash brush.(angle brush) Give the paint time to dry completely before you remove the tape and wa-la!
Also a runner drop cloth is the safest way to cover stairs. Plastic is slippery and won't stay in place as well. For your safety and to prevent a spill on the stairs cloth is best. Kick it in to the riser so you can walk on the stairs easily.

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