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Painted wallpaper repair question

Purchased an old house that has painted wallpaper in every room. I'm getting ready to repaint over my dining room but there is a place where there is about a 10 inch long bubble. How can I fix this so I can paint? The walls are plaster if that makes a difference. Do not have the time or energy to remove the wallpaper. Any suggestions would be great!

Re: Painted wallpaper repair question


You need to remove the wallpaper down to the plaster, repair any and all cracks, holes and marks. Then you may prime and paint.

If you want this to be a quick fix, you can count on having to do the job again. The paper is pulling off the plaster because there is some moisture, or was once, and that paper need to be removed. Paint will magnify every small crease, butt joint and bump. I have removed 8 layers of wallpaper in the main entry hall of our house, repaired all the plaster, filling in nail holes, repairing cracks, priming and painting. It is easier to shoot paint on plaster walls, than it is to roll.

If you insist on not doing the job right the first time, it does not matter what you do, it will always show, and show big. You cut the paper to collapse the bubble, then over lap the two edges, and make another cut, so that the two edges are now even with each other, removing the overlap. You can try to glue the paper to the plaster. Then go on with your primer and paint.

If you would rather, you may hire me to remove it all. I charge $35 per sqaure foot, plus all expenses. I will leave the plaster smooth as the hood of a car. I can shoot on the primer and paint for an extra fee


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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