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Painted Shelves & Window sills

Can anyone tell me why my painted shelves and window sills appear sticky when ornaments are placed on them?:confused:

I have used latex semi gloss paint, but after months of drying ornaments appear to stick to the surface, on one window sill I went over the latex with oil based but I still have the same problem even on the oil based paint!

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.


Re: Painted Shelves & Window sills


You have discovered the shortcoming of acrylic (latex) based enamels. They do not dry to a hard finish as do the conventional oil based products. Even the oil products do not do well with heavy, concentrated weight on them. Painting over the latex will help it somewhat, but not fully aleviate the problem.

It is a lot of work at this point, but stripping to bare wood and then finishing with an oil based enamel undercoater and at least two coats of a semi-gloss or high gloss alklyd oil enamel should give far better results. You might practice on a scrap of wood first to satisfy yourself that all this work will indeed give the results you seek. One word of warning about oil enamel, it will yellow with age.

If you are displaying things on shelves, you might consider having glass panels made up to protect the tops. I have found the cost of glass with polished edges to be quite reasonable. You might even consider heavy gauge glass as the shelving itself, however, then you would be well advised to have it tempered. Tempering drives the cost up dramatically.

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