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Painted hardwood floor

I my home is 100 years old . There are original hardwood floors but in one room they are painted! How do I remove the paint and restore this 15 x 13 foot space to its original hardwood floor?

Re: Painted hardwood floor

The painted floor can be sanded in the same fashioned as a varnished floor, starting with 20 or 36 grit paper to get rid of the finish. Progress up to 80 or 100 grit on the bare wood before applying the new finish. Don't try to remove the finish with chemical strippers. It will get gunk down into any gaps in the seams which will be difficult to get out and degrade the appearance of the final finish. Sanding residue can be sucked out with a good shop vac.

Re: Painted hardwood floor

Sometimes hardwood floors were painted to cover water stains, in which case after sanding you may find that you need to replace some wood to get back to the original finish. If you don't need too much of it, it can be pulled from a closet to ensure a perfect match, then replace the closet floor with new flooring and stain it to match as lose as you can. Just did that for someone two days ago who was worried that new flooring wouldn't match were we pulled a HVAC floor return out ;)


Re: Painted hardwood floor

While sanding is the best way to go, it's also very messy. Consider hiring a pro. Prepare the area to be sanded well, including proper ventilation (there will be a lot of dust from wood and paint possibly with lead).

After doing a few hardwood sandings in my life, let me tell you that now I get somebody else to do the sanding. Money well spent.

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