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Painted Drywall Corners

Hello! My husband and I just moved in to our first house and we didn't notice this through our walk-throughs but the corners of our drywalls are horrendous! Some are better than others but it is apparent in all the corners of the walls in our living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom. Some of them look like the tape is bubbling, bunched, or pulled, and others are just not even or smoothed out. All of our walls are painted, will we have to take the paint off? 

Is there a way to check to see if they used the correct products? (Probably would have to cut into the wall for this - right?)

Would we be able to redo the corners over what's there now? 

If we do look underneath to see what products they use, will we have to test for lead? Our home was built in 1960.

Re: Painted Drywall Corners


Picures would be really nice, since we cannot see what you see. You did not mention if these are inside our outside corners. I would bet that the mud and tape were applied to dusty sheetrock.

How would you plan to try and remove paint from sheetrock? It cannot done. You simply paint over the other paint.

What correct product? There is nothing in there but corner bead, or paper tape and mud.

Lead is sometimes found in the paint. Unless that is oil based paint, very unlikely water based paint would have lead. You may still test it. But just prime and paint over the old. As long as you don't eat the paint chips, you will be fine.

Remove the tape, and replace. Mud over the tape as directed on the container. Wipe everything down with a damp cloth, multiple times. Make sure all surfaces are clean and dust free. Prime and paint.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: Painted Drywall Corners

Load bearing corners will often have bellied out areas in the metal corners. Short of replacing the whole corner bead, I would take a hack saw and saw a kerf through the bead to remove the tension. Then put drywall screws on both sides of the cut to firm up the metal corner, then just apply drywall mud in the normal fashion. You cannot just try to fasten down the bulge, as it will just transfer the stress elsewhere, causing another bulge higher or lower.

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