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Painted Drawer Trouble

So, the other day I decided to paint the inside of my never painted in the last 100 years cabinets. I just kept getting creeped out by the dark wood inside. I started with just the insides of the drawers, then thought I would do just the inside of the cabinet below. Then I decided that I should paint the inside where the drawers would go in...and the sides of the drawers. I let everything dry for a couple of days. I went to put one drawer in, and it wouldn't slide in easily.

I know it is one of two things. Either the paint screwed up the fit, OR the latex painted surfaces are having trouble sliding against each other. I don't want to remove all the paint. I was thinking sanding or greasing. Haha. I was hoping somebody had some ideas for me.

A. Spruce
Re: Painted Drawer Trouble

It is probably that paint on paint won't slide problem, though it could be binding depending on the tolerances within the drawers and cabinet.

You could try installing nylon slides to see if that helps, otherwise it is time to remove the paint from the surfaces where the cabinet and drawers slide.

If you go with the nylon slides, they're usually "L" shaped pieces, attach them to the front edge of the cabinet where the drawer enters, and to the back edges of the drawer.

Re: Painted Drawer Trouble

Thanks. I am wondering though.....my drawers don't have any kind of sliders. Just wood on wood. I believe they are original to the 107 year old home. Do you still think those nylon slides will work?

A. Spruce
Re: Painted Drawer Trouble

All drawers have sliders, or else they wouldn't be drawers.:D

Seriously, old time cabinets didn't use hardware, they have wooden runners that the bottom edge of the drawer sides glide on. And yes, the nylon pads will work as long as there is clearance for them. I'm talking about the "L" shaped piece on the left in this photo.

There is friction free tape for low tolerance applications.

Re: Painted Drawer Trouble

This is really unfortunate! With the wood on wood slides you're probably stuck having to remove the paint on the drawer slides. It's really the only option.

It would probably be best to either strip it or sand the paint out. Wear a mask either way!

Re: Painted Drawer Trouble

You can try rubbing a block of paraffin wax on both surfaces. It's not a permanent fix though.

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