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Painted custom cabinets?

I am replacing all my kitchen cabinets with eggshell painted cabinets. I think I have found a great custom cabinet company who build their own doors and will use a wood that won't show any graining thru the paint (I can't remember what type of wood). They seem to know a lot about the painting procress and chemical interactions with paints and glazes and how to achieve a really reliable finish that won't crack, peel etc. I am trying to educate myself because I have heard and read about many horror stories with painted cabinetry. My kitchen designer says to steer clear of custom painted cabinetry for the above reasons-- of course she wants me to buy her cabinets but she hasn't steered me wrong in any of my dealings with her and I highly respect her and her opinions.

Anyone out there with GOOD stories about their painted custom cabinetry? Any and all advice appreciated and welcomed!


Re: Painted custom cabinets?

i probably average about 10 kitchen remodels a year. many of those kitchens have painted cabinets. a painted cabinet can last 20 years without a problem if it's done properly. any good cabinet manufacturer paints cabinets the way they are supposed to be painted under controlled conditions. i have yet to see a good quality painted cabinet peel. chips, nicks, dings can make a naturally finished cabinet or painted cabinet look like it's showing its age. i wouldn't hesitate using a painted cabinet at all and any kitchen designer, that doesn't have a vested interest, would agree with me as well as most of the contractors on this site. so my advice to you is to get what you want but just remember that you get what you pay for. you buy a cheap cabinet you get a crappy finish, you buy a good high quality cabinet you get a good long lasting finish. dont' let anyone tell you any different, especially a decorator that gets a kickback.

Re: Painted custom cabinets?

Thank you. Your response is very reassuring. I'm glad to hear that a good paint job can last that long.

The cabinets are more expensive than ("semi-custom") box cabinets but are not outrageous. I toured the shop and they really appear to know what they are doing. I've talked to some of their references as well but it seems in general that when people do custom cabinets they are mostly stained not painted. These guys are second generation cabinet makers and have also taken auto body classes which taught them a lot about the chemical aspects of paint and finishes. The references all had great things to say (of course).

Thanks again

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