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paint streak on brick, what to do?

One of the previous owners used some sort of paint on shutters and exterior lights that degraded over the years bled off onto the brick below.

The brick has some stain pattern that most days its not a glaring defect.

We recently decided to replace the light fixtures with black colored ones, and to paint the shutters black. I replaced the lights and the defect now stands out.

Did the paint chaulk over time from the sun?

Can this be cleaned off somehow?

I have read pressure washing brick breaks down the surface of the brick causing it to crumble from winter freeze and thaws.

Is the only solution to replace the brick?

Re: paint streak on brick, what to do?

 Looks like it is effervescence you should be able to clean it with house hold vineagar. If the Vineagar wont do it get some brick cleaning acid and follow the instructions for cleaning with that product.

Re: paint streak on brick, what to do?

It  could also be that the white paint chalked on to the brick. Research "how to remove paint chalk from brick"

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