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paint sprayer and "encapsulating" paint recommendations for meth home remediation

Please respond if you have a specific paint, primer and/or paint sprayer that you'd recommend that fits the bill for this project!

I've recently purchased a home that was decontaminated from meth and I plan to live in it soon and use it later as a rental. I'm going to follow the EPA voluntary guidelines for meth lab cleanup which includes washing and sealing the walls. The washing has already been done by a certified decontamination company and the house has passed state regulations. So, the project that needs to happen before I can move in is painting all walls, ceilings and cabinets in a 1400 sq ft home. I'm looking for input on two items: choice of paint sprayer and choices in paint & primer.

The guidelines recommend encapsulating interior surfaces using oil based paint, epoxies or polyurethane, in multiple coats and using a paint sprayer rather than a roller. It also recommends using a primer that will not "deteriorate over time."

I see a Krause & Becker 5/8 Hp airless paint sprayer kit at Harbor Freight and without other recommendations, will likely go with it. I am not sure if all spray painters work for all types of paint or not. Please share if you have experience.

Thank you!

Re: paint sprayer and "encapsulating" paint recommendations for meth home remediation

I've never heard of a Krouse and Becker and in looking at the price it does not appear to be a quality sprayer. I've owned a Titan 440 and a Graco Pro X9 and they are both well known paint sprayers that have been around for some time. They are both workhorses. The key is horsepower and tip size. You may need your sprayer for more then just this particular job and you will own it for a lifetime. Buy the best. More horsepower will put out heavier materials through a bigger tip.

As for a primer, any shellac based primer will seal in anything. Zinnser Bin is one of these primers. We had an extensive house fire 15years ago and the the restoration crew used a shellac based primer and there is not the slightest odor of smoke in the house. It will seal in anything and because it is a very "sticky" paint it will also stick to anything.

Re: paint sprayer and "encapsulating" paint recommendations for meth home remediation

Check with Coit or any fire restoration company to see what they use. The Zinsser mentioned is an excellent product. It does stink to high heaven and there will be NO SMOKING while the spraying is being done.

Re: paint sprayer and "encapsulating" paint recommendations for meth home remediation

Before you go out and buy a sprayer, ask yourself: is this job the only paint job that I'll need a sprayer for the next 5 years? If the answer is yes, consider renting a sprayer for 1 job only. It will be cheaper in many ways.

A paint sprayer, unlike many other machines or tools, is high maintenance, it requires special cleaning and handling, and if not used and cleaned on a regular basis refuses to work when you finally need it.

Re: paint sprayer and "encapsulating" paint recommendations for meth home remediation

I used to spray a lot of Zinssers BIN pigmented shellac. It is a great product. However, if you spray if for a few hours, you can get an alcohol buzz. Its solvent is de-natured alcohol, which is grain alcohol which has been poisoned for tax purposes. Otherwise it is light "white lightnin'"

To clean out a airless sprayer of shellac, who will have to run a couple gallons of de-natured alcohol through the sprayer and lines to purge that shellac.

I would wear a full tyvex jumpsuit, head sock and a carbon mask. Shellac is incredably good at bonding - to you as well as the wall!

Re: paint sprayer and "encapsulating" paint recommendations for meth home remediation

Thanks for the tips everyone! I've been looking at Graco and Titan sprayers and they do seem better and are not prohibitively more expensive. I live in a rather rural area and I like to work at my own pace and not feel stressed about getting the rental back by a certain time, so I still think I'd prefer to buy rather than rent, as well as knowing I plan to put on 3-5 coats of paint. But, I have some time to come to a final decision before the walls are ready to paint anyway, so I could change my mind.

I've also looked at Shellac vs. oil based primers, and the meth research available shows that oil and shellac both work equally well to seal residual meth in the walls. So, I'm thinking to go with a Zinsser oil based primer and do two coats, as well as doing two coats of the paint.

Thanks again!

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