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Re: Paint with Primer Combination
mtngigi wrote:

Unfortunately, good quality also requires more money, which is in short supply these days (or I'd be paying someone to strip my wallpaper). I agree that using primer first, and then painting, is the way to go, as you all suggest. I was hoping to hear from someone who had tried the primer/paint combination with good results.

I just can't afford those paints you suggest. I use the primer you mention, though the paint is from a big box store - Behr, and I've been happy with the results its given me in another room I used it in. I imagine I'd notice the difference using more expensive paints ... but I've been happy with Behr and will continue to use it. I can see the importance of good primer beneath it, though.

I understand you are trying to save money in this entire process but you forget that not doing the job right the first time will cost you MORE money in the end when you are dealing with peeling paint.

I have used the primer/paint in one and had OK results but I would definately NOT recommend that as a cost saver when dealing with a wall where you have previously removed wallpaper. There is most definately going to be glue leftover on the wall and this requires a high quality separate primer such as the Zinzser. If you like the Behr finish coat then use that, it will be fine. Make sure however that you prime separately to ensure the surface will be ready for paint. Using a paint/primer combo for a wallpaper removal job is very risky.

Good Luck
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Re: Paint with Primer Combination

OK, I am the original ol' curmudgeon who pooh-poohs new "micracle" products. With over 50 years with my hands in paint, I have seen many come and go. I well remember the arrival of latex paints in the 1950's. They were originally mediocre, but with time improved to where in most instances they equal or exceed oil paints.

Behr's new ULTRA paint really does what it claims. I have personally used both the exterior and interior versions. Its unique Nano technology gives excellent adhesion, sealing, scrubabilty, stain blocking and coverablity. It also levels beautifully, showing minimal brush marks. All this at a very competitive price - $30 to $35.

It really can save both time and money by often eliminating the prime coat with a dedicated primer and the time involved with two coating. Would I use it to prime several thousand feet of new drywall, especially drywall with caulky texture on it? Probably not. Why prime with a $35 gallon of paint when a good acrylic primer costs about $12? Would I then finish coat with ULTRA? You betcha!

I think Behr Ultra warrants your consideration for your next project. I do understand your scepticism though. Most things that seem too good to be true usually are. This is the real McCoy!

Re: Paint with Primer Combination

Just a few more comments of paint quality: All the major national paint manufacturers produce multiple lines of paint, from the contractors crap which is used on far too many new housing units, to really excellent top end lines. It is important for the user to know which line he is buying. The local paint store will gladly share that information.

Behr has chosen to only market the "better and best" lines. Even its "better" line is the former "best" line. ULTRA is now the top of the line.

I would agree with Spruce's evaluation of past Behr paints. I remember one job about 15 years ago where the customer insisted I use Behr. Indeed, it did cover very poorly. I knew that if I had used my stand-by Benjamin Moore, I would have had no problem.

I would point out that Behr has consistantly rated a "best buy" by Consumers Report. Their best buy rating does take into consideration value. It might not be the top rated paint in all categories, but when price is factored in, it rates on top. Price buy itself is also not always a good evaluation. Benjamin Moores Aura line at over $50 per gallon rates much lower then other far less expensive paints. The new ULTRA paint has yet to be rated by Consumers Report as their test routine takes several years.

Most painters, and people in general, are creatures of habit. They like to stick with that which they have had good results, and with which they are familiar with the idiosyncracies. It is a character which is neccessary to simplify life and brings a certain amount of efficiency. However, every now and then one must venture out at try the new and innovative.

Re: Paint with Primer Combination

I have yet to see one job where the homeowner is satisfied with this product. That number is around three jobs or so. I would wait this one out. :D


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