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Beer Belly
Paint over Solid Stain

Good morning, as soon as the weather permits, my Wife wants the deck painted. The problem is, I'm not sure if it's a solid stain, or just worn paint on the deck now. It is peeling very thin layers, I can see the wood grain thru the color....this leads me to believe that it is a Solid Stain....however, I was thinking of using Paint over whatever is on the Deck now.....does this seem like something that can be done ?....what prep work is needed ?....can I use Water Based Paint ??.....I just want to throw down a coat just to clean it up a bit, the plan is to replace the decking next spring. Looking for suggestions and opinions. ~Thanks

Re: Paint over Solid Stain

It you can see the grain of the wood now, what you have is a transparent or semi-transarent stain. A solid hide decking stain would obscure the grain. It sounds like what you want is an acrylic solid hide decking stain. Full bodied flooring paints are not the most suitable for decks. The solid hide stain breathes better than paint and is therefore less likely to peel. The nature of deck construction is such that some water or moisture will work its way into the wood. If you can't keep wood pefectly dry, don't use anything that will prevent the moisture from getting back out without causing the surface to peel!

Whatever you do, the new finish is only as adhered as the surface over which it is going. If you go over peeling stain, it is likely you will get more peeling of the new finish. However, if you are going to replace the decking next year, I wouldn't be too concerned about it.

Re: Paint over Solid Stain

B4 you replace...

Consider a full deck-sanding!

My 15 y/o Construction-Heart Redwood deck has been floor-sanded twice.
* STILL looks real good!
* Cleaning only helps...TO A POINT.
* Sooner-or-later, it HAS to be sanded.
* I used a 12"x18" Vibrating-plate sander, backer-pads, and some 60-grit stick-on sheets.
* Counter-sink your nails/screws 1st tho!

>>> Done right...you're back to new wood again! Now...it'll absorb and hold stain evenly everywhere. I've had customer's come back and thank me for insisting they do this!

I'll clarify further if need-be!


Beer Belly
Re: Paint over Solid Stain

Faron, I agree with sanding it down....the only problem is that the deck was already built when we bought the house, and most of the screws are not counter sunk, and do stick up a little.....enough to tear up and sander....and the screw heads are stripped, so my options are limited....plus, we do plan on redecking next year....the previous owner got fancy with the decking and created a diagonal box shape in the middle....not my taste

Re: Paint over Solid Stain

Beer Belly-

Ouch! A diag. box...Ugghh!

Yeah, in this case then, don't sand. I'm not sure I'd do anything to tell ya the truth! To ME...it wouldn't be worth it.


Re: Paint over Solid Stain

You should powerwash first and then let it dry for several days to remove all of the peeling paint.

Re: Paint over Solid Stain

If you are going to replace your deck for sure in the near future...why spend time, money and energy on the old deck?
And when you do replace it: go with redwood, if it's available near you. Stain the deck after finishing. Use deck screws only.

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