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Paint over slightly dented siding?

My house has vinyl siding of indeterminate age, and there are little dents all over the siding on the back of the house from a hail storm, presumably. Would it be a waste of time and money to paint the siding (whose color is a gross mint green)? Would the small dents still probably show through?

Re: Paint over slightly dented siding?

Yes the dents will show through, just like painting any dented vinyl. You could spend a ton of time with some bondo and some sandpaper, treating the siding like a car panel.

OR you can install new siding

OR you can view the dents as s battle scar the house has survived.

Re: Paint over slightly dented siding?

I recently painted a house with sidings full od small dents, and part of the prep work was to fill them with bondo, sand and paint.

It's a lot of work, but it makes the dents disappear.

A. Spruce
Re: Paint over slightly dented siding?


Not all paint is compatible with vinyl siding. I highly recommend you consult with a reputable paint dealer (not a big box ) for a suitable coating to use.

If I could easily take a picture and post it, I'd show you my neighbors home that has vinyl siding that was painted. The siding immediately warped, delaminated, and is falling off the house.

If you can't get an acceptable answer from a paint dealer, contact a few vinyl siding companies and inquire what they recommend to paint their crappy siding with.

Re: Paint over slightly dented siding?

Zinsser makes a primer specifically for painting over vinyl siding. can't speak to the top coat. I use Behr paint, a light color here in south Texas

Re: Paint over slightly dented siding?

The critical thing when painting vinyl siding is to never use a color darker than the original siding color. PVC plastic, of which the siding is made, can distort at as little as 130 degrees F. A dark color with the summer sun beating on it can easily reach these temperatures.

The paint of choice would be a 100% acrylic latex. Acrylic paint will have the expansion to move with the siding through the heat changes of the day. Oil paints by contrast are quite brittle and get more so with age. This is why oil paint on vinyl is a no no.

Normally, no primer is needed when painting with acrylic paint over vinyl siding. Acrylic bonds very well to PVC.

Are you sure this is vinyl siding and not aluminum? Aluminum dents easily, vinyl does not. I have seen vinyl shatter, especially in winter, but never dent. My brother put more than one hole in his vinyl siding when using his snow blower on his gravel driveway! That gravel went flying right through the siding in neat little holes!

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