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Paint or stain on deck

The condition of my deck is just a little too ugly and I would benefit from another coat of color to hold it over a couple of years. Currently there is a solid color stain on it, and I want to know if it is reasonable to put another coat of solid color stain on it, or if there is a ton of prep that may not make it worth the effort.


Solid color stained, red
Located under a large oak tree that leaves dark dirt all over the deck
wood is in ok, but not quite good shape

I know I should prep using a deck cleaner, but if I want to stain again do I have to strip off all of the old stain first? If yes, would it be possible to coat with oil based paint instead?

I want this deck to only last another 5 years or so then I plan to remove/replace when I have some siding work done.

Re: Paint or stain on deck


If the existing stain is in reasonable condition, it may be coated over, but remember, the adhesion of the new coating
is only as good as the coating it is going to cover. If the old finish peels, the new finish is coming up with it.

Clean your deck with TSP and bleach or a JOMAX solution. Sc**** , sand and feather out peeled areas. Most acrylic
solid hide stains are self-sealing, so you can spot prime any bared wood with the stain itself. Finally, give the
entire deck a finish coat.

Acrylic stains are preferable to oil products on decks because they breathe better. The construction of typical decks
assures that some moisture will get into the wood. Acrylics have a better chance of letting that moisture pass through
the stain without causing peeling.

If your deck has aged to where it has deep cracks in the grain, there are newer heavy bodied stains which
can actually fill these fissures. Behr's Deck Over and RustOleum's Restore are two of these. However, the material
cost is 3 times of a plain solid hide stain. Restore is also a lot more work to deal with. If our time frame is 5 years til
tearing up the deck, I would go with regular acrylic soid hide stain.

Re: Paint or stain on deck

Thanks! Your response what I was hoping for, I just didn't know if stain would adhere to the old stain.

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