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Paint job estimating

I haven't given a paint estimate in a long time. Doing ext.painting on approx. 2200sq home. Priming on new added porch,posts &rails and some chaulking. Doing this for an older co-worker. What's the going price quote for this. I know they have to be alot higher than it was 3 1/2 yrs ago.

Re: Paint job estimating

Not sure how you would have priced this job in the past but each job is different. They're are so may vairubles like the type of paint (oil or latex), height of building, how many windows, doors and trim. It might not take long to paint walls but these are all factors that will determine the length and difficulty of the job. You know that prep is the most important part of the whole job. The bottom line is you will have to figure out approx. how long it will take you to put a gallon of pain, what the square footage of a gallon is and what prep you will have to do prior to finish painting. So good luck with your figures.;)

kreg mcmahon
Re: Paint job estimating

$4,582.23 how does that sound

Re: Paint job estimating

chaulking. :D

Anyone can slap on a coat of crappy paint, its the PREP that costs and counts the most, followed by quality materials and skillful application.

I like the 2.23 finish...sounds so precise for a number pulled out of the air! ;) :p

The gallon of PAIN reference was a hoot! :D :cool:

Time and materials for friends, discount the time rate.

Re: Paint job estimating

There are a lot of factors to consider outside of the sq footage. I was reading a thread on the oldhouseweb forums where one person says his four estimates were between $2500 and $5500 -- another member said their bids were in the 18,000 range. You can read the post here:


Re: Paint job estimating

behr and sherwin williams both have calculators for how much paint you are going to need. Most of the time I've seen this number expanded by about 400% to get a good job price. But you need to really factor in how many hours a day you're going to be there, what income you are losing to be there and if you're going to pay helpers. Calling a staffing service like Stand By Personnel can really help you know what the going rate for painters is so you can factor that in as well.

I know from experience that favors even favors that pay, tend to cost the bestower more than the recipient.

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