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Paint on floor

There are paint splatters all over my old vinyl kitchen floor. We plan to re-modle the kitchen next year (we just moved in and are doing other repairs at the moment) but i don't want to look at all these paint stains until then. I have no idea what is safe to use on linoleum or if it will be discolored. It is that dark orange 70's color floor so discoloration will show big time. Any ideas?

Re: Paint on floor

What kind of paint is it? If water based, then you should be able to remove it with some elbow grease and warm soapy water.

If it isn't water based, I would recommend carefully scraping off as much as possible then using some rubbing alcohol on it.

To be on the safe side, you should test some of whatever remover you use on a small out of the way area first, to ensure that it will not damage the vinyl.

I think that most paint removers and paint thinners would probably damage the vinyl, so you would want to steer clear of these.

Re: Paint on floor

Thanks! I have no idea what kind of paint it is since it was there when I moved in a few months ago. I will try your ideas....hopefully something will work!

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