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paint fan blades??

We recently put up a Hunter ceiling fan. The blades on the fan are finished with a light maple laminate on one side and a dark cherry on the other. I don't like either side as neiter goes with the rest of the wood in the small kitchen. So, I checked the Hunter website and it does not appear that I can purchase different color blades. Do you think that I could paint them and have them look nice? What type of paint would you suggest? I would like a matte black finsish but I'm not sure how to best achieve that...my main concern is that the paint won't stick nicely. Thoughts?

Re: paint fan blades??

Well that show-nuff sounds doable to me.

I’d be popping those blades off of their brackets. (3 screws?) Make sure they are clean. Hit them with some, say, 220 grit sand paper very lightly clean them again and then get some rattle can spray paint at your local, favorite hardware store and spray away.

I’d probably hang them someplace off of something like an old clothes hanger. Hit the edges first and then the faces.

A hint though. I have seen people try and use spray paint like it’s a can of hair spray. They pull the trigger and start moving the can all over the place…………. You don’t want to do that with paint.

With paint read the directions on how far they recommend the distance is between the can and the surface to be painted.

If the blade is hanging vertically in front of you start at the top and with the can pointed off to the side of the surface, press the nozzle and spray moving across the surface, don’t depress until you are past the other side. Keep doing this. Making half laps of one pass over the next one.

Running your coats a little thin is mucho bettero than too thick. You can always add coats. But if it drips……………. You will hang your head in shame for, like, ever.

Me and some buddies painted a 72 Nova using this method. Although, Anheuser-Busch came along, which I don’t necessarily recommend.

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