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Paint cooktop

Hi-Does anyone know a way to paint an electric cooktop. It is now beige and we would like to paint it black to match our other appliances (or bring it someplace to have it painted),Thanks for your help.

Re: Paint cooktop

One common method is to use automotive paint , it's durable and infinite colors. You can DIY or take the appliance to an auto body shop.

Another method I had seen on a TV show was a company that came to the house and applied paint to the appliances using electro-static method. You would have to Google that one.

Re: Paint cooktop

I don't think I would use automotive paint as it really isn't designed for extreme temperatures. I have heard of an appliance paint that you can spray on. I am not sure if it was electrostatic as the previous poster said or not. I would think though to get a really good job you should let a professional do the painting unless you are real experienced with spray paints. I would call a place that sells used appliances and ask them for a recommendation as to who would be best to paint your stove. Good luck!

Re: Paint cooktop

The cook top wouldn't be that extreme of heat ... do you think?:)

I'm thinking about the paint on metal of an automobile outside in the midday hot summer sun ... that seems to hold up fine.

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