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Paint and Foodware

My husband loves to use things from the kitchen to do all the amazing work he does on our house. For example, right now he is soaking his paint brushes in a metal mixing bowl that I use to make pancakes. Despite my having a PhD in environmental health science, he doesn't believe me when I say it is not healthy to later use utensils (used to stir paint) or dishes (used to store paint). Even though we can't see any paint residue there may be all sorts of chemicals left on the surface of these wares that could be bad, especially for our unborn child. I bet he'd trust you guys. . . What do you think? Is a good idea to allow paint to come into contact with foodware?

A. Spruce
Re: Paint and Foodware
mlatshaw wrote:

What do you think? Is a good idea to allow paint to come into contact with foodware?

Absolutely NOT! :eek:

It is never safe to put non-potable materials of any kind in contact with items or surfaces used in the prep, serving, or consumption of food.

Re: Paint and Foodware

Ditto the absolutely not.
Save coffee cans or buy some cheap plastic mixing/paint buckets to do the cleaning and painting.
I remember a story in the paper many years ago about a barkeep in the Caribbean that put some rum in cleaned out pesticide container. After a few of his customers died the authorities tracked him down, but he claimed the containers were clean.
He proved it by sampling his wares. And you can guess the rest of the story.
Paint thinner isn't pesticide, but why add to the toxic overload we get everyday.
Time to put your foot down in my opinion. A time honored female prerogative.

Re: Paint and Foodware

Ditto on the above. We save coffee cans and vegetable or soup cans to use for those purposes.

J Roper
Re: Paint and Foodware

It's really not worth taking a chance, is it? Get some coffee cans or something for your paint and keep your food containers for food.

Re: Paint and Foodware

Another for "absolutely not" in the same way you would not--no matter how clean--store pickles in a used paint can or baste your turkey with a used paint brush. Gross.
Mark, a Painter in Eden Prairie, MN

Re: Paint and Foodware

You are absolutely right. I certainly wouldn't use anything that had paint or paint thinner in it for and food or drink unless it was retired from the kitchen. I have used an old coffee mug for cleaning brushes but would never ever think of using that same mug for any kind of drink. You might not die immediately from using such a thing but certainly would die a slow death.
To do such a thing as your husband is doing is very foolish and fool hardy and you certainly have every right to ban such things from your kitchen!

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