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Paint with all colors built in???

Last night, TOH was about to start (may have been a re-run) and one of the pieces they were going to run was on some new paint that supposedly had all the hues or colors built-in. I couldn't watch the show, but was very interested in this portion of the episode. Did anybody see it and can share any info. as to the paint, manufacturer or a general description of what the paint was all about?

Thanks so much in advance.

A. Spruce
Re: Paint with all colors built in???

A paint with all hues is called black paint. :D

Re: Paint with all colors built in???

google "Full-spectrum" paint.
It's a new color-mixing philosophy that does not use black colorant in any color. The rationale is that without black, colors are purer and more lively. You can now have any color you want so long as it's _not_ black...
There are a number of niche paint brands/labels that have adopted this outlook.

Re: Paint with all colors built in???


I have heard of this theory, but remain a doubting Thomas. Purer at what cost? Coverage? There are plenty of colors which are mixed without black or umber and they invariably don't cover as well as a slighty dulled color. The primary colors are inherently poorer at blocking light waves than the "organic" colors, i.e. lamp black, raw umber. What combination of inherently inferior colors equal a more superior blocking pigment?

Were I a chemist or physicist, I probably wouldn't be typing this right now! :)

Tacoma John
Re: Paint with all colors built in???

High 5 again Ordjen, this sounds like a neutral color that has been around for ages. A paint with no tint and when applied it is clear. With tint you can make it any color. The only other thing I can think of is that it is a florescent color. Much like a sea shell.

Re: Paint with all colors built in???

The idea is that black absorbs light, so without black more light, and therefore more color, will be reflected and visible. I see no advantage in that when it will take more coats to give the same coverage, all I see is something the paint stores can say is 'new and improved'.


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