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Paining glass window on door

We have a 50's house that we wanted to install an interior door in and have the style as close to the other doors as possible. No modern doors are even close. We found one at habitat but it is an old office door and has a glass window in it. Although we could remove the glass and put in a wood panel, it would be much easier to just paint it. Most comments on the internet state that latex paint will just peel off. That isn't my experience, but I was wondering if anything can be done to increase the likelihood of it adhering satisfactorily to the glass. Thanks

Re: Paining glass window on door

Here's an idea: Try acrylic paints artists use. They come in tubes or small containers, available at art supply stores. One brand that pops in my mind is Liquitex.

Another idea: Replace your glass with stained glass. Stained glass artists can do any design you want. And they are starving right now, so they'll work for less. Just go to local Arts & Crafts Shows and find them there.

Re: Paining glass window on door

It would be very difficult to match the paint color and satin finish on the wall with another type of paint. While we might in the future, replace the glass with stained glass done by my wife, for now we just want to paint the door and glass to match the wall and to make the door look like the others in the house. Worse comes to worse, we will just clean the glass as best we can with something that does not leave a residue and try it. We could always scape it off if that doesn't work or just remove the glass and put in wood.

Re: Paining glass window on door


Spray the glass with BIN Spray Shellac by Zinser. Shellac has incredible adhesion to slick surfaces such as glass and glazed tiles. After it has dried, virtually any common paint will stick to the shellac.

Hopefully that glass in the doors is tempered. I believe that is required by law.

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