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Re: Packing Peanuts

honestly not too sure, i have seen it in homes in the past but its not designed for insulation though it is the same foam as polystyrene sheets. the flaw with it is it creates small pockets of air which heat can pass through where the sheets are one solid mass which acts a thermal break

i cant see it hurting anything if you were to take it up in your attic and use it to top off the insulation you already have up there

Re: Packing Peanuts

I believe they are also considered a fire hazard.

Re: Packing Peanuts

yes and no jack, all forms of styrofoam are a fire hazard, however it must not be exposed on the interior of the house. it must have drywall covering it. this goes for spray foam as well

Re: Packing Peanuts

Thanks for your input!

Re: Packing Peanuts

Styrofoam aka styrene and polystyrene, and the newer polyurethane foams aka spray foam, foam in a can, and Great Stuff, are combustible. The real danger, though, is smoke. A good example is in the famous "The Station" nightclub fire where pyrotechnics ignited the stryofoam ceiling covering, causing over 200 injuries and 100 deaths. See NIST video of smoke which was at fatal levels in 90 seconds.

The problem with all plastic based materials is in the smoke, which is the usual cause of death, not the fire itself. Here is a good example of why fire fighters have to wear breating apparatus. Many of the chemicals produced like cyanide, are almost instantly fatal.


This is why you should be very cautious of what you put in your attic.

Re: Packing Peanuts

Besides , I doubt the packing peanuts have any ASTM or UL certifications or classification as a building material or as insulation within buildings. Something insurance companies frown upon.

Re: Packing Peanuts

Besides what's been said the IRC (international residential code)requires foam to be covered even in an attic.

Re: Packing Peanuts

It's actually the first time I hear about that...

Timothy Miller
Re: Packing Peanuts

Happy day! hope you live close so i can finally get rid of my packing ..... lol

Re: Packing Peanuts

On a cold day I'd like to wear a sweater doesn't have moth holes. Why would you use packing peanuts which cannot be at all densely packed? It would probably be less effective than crumbling newspaper and throwing that around the attic.

If you covered the peanuts with material that stopped air flow you might get some benefit, but that is pure folly.

Bring the packing peanuts to your nearest Mailboxes Etc. and get some cellulose blown in that attic instead.

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