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Overspray from irresponsible house painters
Re: Overspray from irresponsible house painters

Nothing works better than a single edge. You can make it easier by wetting the glass and by holding the razor blade in the correct angle (which will avoids all scratches too).

You want to speed up the process? use two blades in two hands and synchronize your movements. Something like what rappers do.

A. Spruce
Re: Overspray from irresponsible house painters

Call a glass company and replace all the windows - no scr-aping. :p

Actually, I'd find something that helps to soften the paint, such as goof-off, though you really are probably best to go at with with a scr-aper, as that will be the fastest and easiest means. As DJ points out, wetting the window will lubricate the blade and minimize the risk of scratching, it's also easier to rub your hand across a wet window to find the "bumps" that still need scr-aping.

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Re: Overspray from irresponsible house painters
dj1 wrote:

Something like what rappers do.

lol, love it

Re: Overspray from irresponsible house painters

As DJ says, wet the window so that the razor blades slide easier. You can actually put a few drops of dishwashing liquid into the water too. I would avoid Goof-Off type solvents because you risk leaving a haze over the windows that will be harder to get off than the original over spray.

Re: Overspray from irresponsible house painters
A. Spruce
Re: Overspray from irresponsible house painters
function wrote:

Getting a larger [email protected] today as using the 1.5" wide razor on so many square feet of window sounds like it might drive me mad, thanks all for the suggestions about getting some water on the window and the one direction of [email protected].

Be EXTREMELY careful with that, larger scr-apers are more rigid and more prone to scratching. We've mentioned wetting the window, we're talking about cascading water, not just a little misting with a water bottle, and this is even more critical with larger scr-apers. Proceed carefully and use a very light touch. :cool:

Re: Overspray from irresponsible house painters

Sheet plastic will keep the water between the plastic and the glass a lot longer to help soften the paint.

Re: Overspray from irresponsible house painters

Easiest fix- get the painter's to fix their work (if you can) :rolleyes:

Like the rest say, use a single-egded razor blade [email protected]; any other type will cause you grief. Do just the edges with it. For he center use a cheap terry-cloth rag and the hottest water you can stand working with- add a little dish soap only if you must. Apply some finger-pressure on a single layer and rub in small circles, that will loosen recent latex paint quite well. Rinse the rag frequently and renew the hot water when it seems to be losing effect. Oil paints will need [email protected]. I'd avoid chemicals as any run-off will affect the paint it gets on meaning you'll have to do more painting. When you're done, finish clean with dry newspaper. You'll feel the drag of the grime as you rub- when the drag is all gone the window will be spotless. It is what many window tinters do before putting the film on as anything under the film means a bubble and call-back. It is a lot of elbow work (which is why good pro tinting isn't cheap) but it's worth it when you see the results!


Re: Overspray from irresponsible house painters

Is there an easier solution than the razor [email protected]? Maybe a liquid?

My brother tinted windows and used a razor blade along with soapy water. He would get a large spray bottle ad dishwashing liquid soap. He would spray the soapy water and use the blade at a slant. I watched and learned (female) and I do the same when I clean my car windshield and when I put Frost film on my house windows.

I buy tons of blades as you want to make sure they are sharp to prevent scratches. Go slow if you feel you might scratch it. It's hard to scratch it really. i haven't yet and I am not careful, but I always make sure I have new blades. It will make life easier using the blades. Then when you are done clean your windows. Do it when the windows are not hot (from the sun) as they liquid will dry fast.

Good luck

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