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I am looking for ideas of what can be done with overspray on a house roof besides reroofing. The roof is newish.... 3 years.....and black Arch.asphalt shingles. The overspray is a very light in color. It has been 3 years now and after being told that it would fade after a year or so, I still see it a lot! I am afraid to spray again with black as I don't want to make it more noticeable. Any new products that may work?

Re: Overspray

Using a paint sprayer sometimes results in over spray, due to wind, painter's error or sprayer malfunction. This is the major reason why I never use a sprayer, but rollers and brushes. Yes, it takes me longer, but I don't care.

If you hired a painter to do the job 3 years ago, you should have insisted that he corrected the error. You let it go and hoped that the spray would disappear, but you know what? you will always see it, cause you know it's there. So what can you do now?

Don't spray black paint on the shingles, or you'll end up with a new over spray. You may want to brush paint the affected areas lightly with a shingle matching paint.

As always, exercise ladder precautions if you want to do it yourself.

Re: Overspray

The only product which will work here are new shingles. Strangling the painter who did this may make you feel better temporarily but usually results in long unwanted absences from home and huge legal costs so I can't recommend that even though it's needed. Just as time and weather will wear away the overspray, it will affect any new paint you put up there to correct it. You've learned a hard lesson here. Never accept that anything will go away in time- it never does. Never pay for work done until it's complete- including clean-up and repairs for anything which got damaged. And never spray paint without protecting everything you don't want paint getting on, close-by and distant.

I spray interior ceilings when the whole room is getting new paint. I may spray cabinetry that has been installed already. Otherwise I don't spray because after all the needed precautions are taken you've saved neither time or money and you got a thinner coating in the process too. There are no shortcuts to a job well done but there are millions of ways for things to go wrong.


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