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overseeding the lawn wasn't successful - now what?

Early in May, had a recommended lawn care professional take a look @ my "disaster" of a front lawn. Last May I had a lush green yard, but it died off during summer drought, and this spring there was nothing but brown dead grass. The lawn pro overseeded the yard and spread starter fertilizer.

Granted we've had cold weather, than a couple of weeks of rain, and than some record breaking heat. During this time very little new grass has appeared. The lawn pro said it takes time but I'm thinking a bag of EZ seed from Scotts would have germinated faster than this expensive process.

Now I have a front yard filled with "grid-like" markings from the seeder and a ton of weeds and nutsedge. Its as if the fertilizer has made the weeds and nutsedge grow even faster.

I'm at my wits end. The lawn pro guaranteed a green lawn. I'm not about to pay since I have more of a mess than I had a month ago (when I just had a brown dead lawn). Any suggestions - aside from getting a new lawn pro?:(

A. Spruce
Re: overseeding the lawn wasn't successful - now what?
crylakel wrote:

The lawn pro guaranteed a green lawn.

Was this guarantee in writing or implied? If you got this in writing, the original "pro" owes you a green lawn.

It has been my experience, even in ideal conditions, that seed comes in spotty at best, and still takes a very long time to fill in and even remotely become lawn-like, this is why I prefer and recommend sod rather than seed whenever possible.

Overseeding an established but thin lawn usually works quite well. The mature grass holds moisture, shades, and protects the seed/seedling grass, as well as maintains a relatively green lawn and usable surface.

From what you describe, you essentially had no lawn at all, which IMHO, should have been dealt with as clean slate. I would have at least prepped the surface, if not amend the soil, fix/rework irrigation, and laid sod. Had that been done to begin with, you'd have a lush green lawn to enjoy by now rather than be here asking what to do next. This isn't a judgment, just giving you my experience.

Re: overseeding the lawn wasn't successful - now what?

His "guarantee" was verbal. He also initially said the lawn was in terrible shape, it was already "late" in season (early May) to be trying to put in a lawn - so would be a challenge.

I essentially had nothing but a dead lawn - there was a small patch of crab grass. We had raked up most of the leaves and loose thatch. The lawn pro merely reseeded over the existing "dead lawn" and put down fertilizer.

I have no problem withholding payment until I "get a lawn". He's well aware that the seed hasn't taken, and probably a bit embarrassed since he has other customers on my street, and there's another lawn care pro on my street. His handiwork is being "watched" by many. My neighbors don't hesitate to comment on my inability to grow grass.

After the recent hot weather spell, the nutsedge has blossomed - I'm mowing it twice a week.

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