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Overflow Drain Help

We bought a new 2-headed shower and it works great except the water drain was too slow.
I tried running hot water, then pouring bleach down the drain, then drain cleaner... same slow drain.
So I tried taking out the overflow cover to see if hair could be stuck down there. Well the cover and lever must still be attached to something in the tube because I can't pull it out. Not only that, but now it feels like nothing is connected to the trip lever, like the plunger is no longer connected. The water drain seems to be a bit slower although I'm not sure by how much.
What can I do here? Should I just pull on the overflow cover and lever as hard as I can?

By the way, getting the screws back on for the cover plate was a pain in the @$$ because nothing lined up properly.

Anyway, how can I pull out this assembly? And did I lose the linkage to the plunger? If so, how can I get that back?

One last one: should I just accept as fact that the drain won't be fast enough if I use 2 shower heads at the same time? Thanks!

I know nothing about plumbing but I'm doing as much research as I can about this.

Re: Overflow Drain Help

There are two basic types that have a lever down the overflow tube The most common is like this one in PVC
as you can see the is a hollow stopper on the end of the link that slides down and blocks the flow from the tube drain. If the linkage is disconnected you may be able to slide a heavy wire with a hook on it down in and hook the stopper and pull it out or if you have access to the trap you can remove it and push the stopper down and out. If the stopper is frozen in place your only choice is to try and get it out.

The other type has a pop-up stopper in the tube drain which has linkage that goes through the drain to the down pipe. On the end of the linkage going down the overflow is a spring like piece the pushes down on the stopper linkage to open the drain. On this type of set up you pull the pop-up out of the tube drain along with it's linkage and then remove the overflow linkage.

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