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Over RX Safety Glasses: Recommendation Request

Up until now I have relied (foolishly I'll admit) on my prescription glasses to double as safety glasses during the small projects I have completed in my life but now as my wife and I embark on the journey of purchasing our first home and the honey-do list grows I would like to invest in something more appropriate.

I am hoping some of the members of this community can help me with suggesting a good pair of over RX glasses safety glasses (as money is always an issue for everyone I'd prefer to skip the $50 pair if the $15 pair is just the same). The other big thing is while I'm not putting on a fashion show I would like the glasses to have as normal a look as possible (for a pair of safety glasses to have). I cannot stand the HUGE, monster, cover 1/2 your face pairs of goggles you had to wear in High School shop classes.

I have done some looking online but most of the models I have come across are either discontinued, or online only and do not list the sizes of RX frames they cover. Two of the more promising models I have looked at:

EyeArmor - being discontinued

Pyramex OTS - online only, no size also seen on a retailer's site

Has anyone had experience with either of these, or know of one they could recommend?

I would greatly appreciate any help.

Re: Over RX Safety Glasses: Recommendation Request

I am looking for safety glasses to fit over my RX glasses... getting prescription safety glasses is to much cost for the use they will see.

I will make a specific trip to the home store for them. In looking randomly in the past it didnt seem like there was much of a choice in terms of glasses that didnt look monstrous but I will look closer.

I was hoping some members had experience with a specific pair as I am sure I am not the only glasses wearer on the boards who doesnt want to pop for safety glasses with scripts in them.

Re: Over RX Safety Glasses: Recommendation Request

Do you mean your glasses are actually glass? Modern plastics are so light and scratch & shatter resistant I have never worried about it. I don't know if mine are officially OSHA or ANSI rated, but for househole repairs I don't care. If I am doing something like grinding or sanding drywall above my head or shooting nails, I'll break out the googles or any number of safety glasses I've bought over the years for other people in my house. I doubt if I've payed more than $15 for any of them. AOSafety makes good stuff, but so do lots of others. Also look in the sporting goods dept for shooting glasses.
My glasses have saved my eyes from a number of injuries over the years.

Re: Over RX Safety Glasses: Recommendation Request

If your prescription glasses are OK for stuff coming straight at you, you can get side shields that slip onto the temples to protect you from stuff coming from the side.

A. Spruce
Re: Over RX Safety Glasses: Recommendation Request

When I got my first prescription lenses a few years ago, I went with safety glass lenses. The glasses are large enough to protect against most common direct projectile mishaps, yet are very stylish. When I want a little more safety, such as using the bench grinder or similar things where more protection is warranted, I use a face shield. I'm lucky enough not to require prescription lenses for anything but distance or reading, so regular safety glasses do the trick for most things.

BTW, safety lenses in my prescriptions didn't increase the cost of the glasses. I got mine at Costco, two pairs for the price of one. The major expense was the frames, not the lenses.

Re: Over RX Safety Glasses: Recommendation Request

I came across your post while searching for the same thing. These are the best I've found...

Uvex Ambient OTG

Guardian Pro Fitover


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