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Over-the-range microwave question

Hey all,

My wife really wants an over-the-range microwave. However, our range is set on a diagonal (45 degrees) relative to the wall and counter, meaning the microwave would be at an angle relative to the studs in the wall.

There's a cabinet above, and a range hood hung there previously, so there's plenty of upper surface. There's also about a 3" cabinet back (made out of particle board or similar) where the range hood used to be, so the upper portion of the microwave could be affixed to something if necessary. However, there's not even drywall behind where the microwave would go, let alone a stud, and no good way to get anything in there without closing off a bunch of countertop space, which would defeat the purpose of having an over-the-range microwave.

I know someone here knows how to hang a microwave without a back wall - teach me your ways!


Re: Over-the-range microwave question

We really need to see a picture of what you have.

Try loading your pics on a host like photobucket, then give us the link.

Generally, a microwave oven, which is not exactly a light weight appliance, must hang securely. It's more involved than your typical range hood.

I think that an oven like this comes with mounting brackets and instructions.

Re: Over-the-range microwave question

Another possibility is to shelve it. Very few people will notice that it's on a shelf instead of top-hung and a face-frame can be built around it so long as clearance and ventilation standards are met. The downside of shelving it is that you lose the range-top venting (hood). Based on your situation this may be an option.

If not then what you may need to do is either create structure (studs or blocking) inside the wall cavity to hang it from. Simple 3/4" 'cleat boards' run from the corner stud to the first wall stud should be enough to handle the weight involved if that doesn't reduce the depth too much. Once the microwave is installed this work gets covered. Good idea or bad, it's HER kitchen (don't believe me? just ask her!) and to maintain a harmonious life you're better off doing as she wishes and dealing with the results however you can. Much nicer than a divorce!


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