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Over Head Door/Garage Door

Never Ever apply grease of any kind to your OHD track. Wax only. If your OHD is noisy or not running properly call a professional to tune it up. Being the largest moving applience in your home great care should be taken to maintain it. (as far as noise and odd performance goes) a Garage Door Opener needs yearly maintainence as well. Many people use there OHD as an entry to there home. Most kitchens are located just beond the OHD. Gaining entry to the most used room in the home. Any product used that much WILL need maitainence.. If your Garage Door is "heavy" to lift that means the springs are out of tention and /or the door needs a tune up.. A.K.A. the door is out of counter ballence. Installing a garage door opener is not the solution....The opener will wear out quickly because the door is not ballenced properly. http://www.bestohd.com/ Lastly.. dont create liquid sand paper by greasing your OHD track.

11 years Work Experince installing OHD's and openers. I should say ...people get ingured/die every year attempting to maintain there garage door. Be Safe and if in doubt please call a proffessional.

EDIT: The "track" is what guides the garage door sections up and down.

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